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The final list of marketing partners for the launch magazine includes:

The Owl Stamp Visual Solutions / Image Lucidity
Christian Hill Studios / Howie Snyder
Kate Delaney / Candice Oxnard / Ron Weed
Uncharted Studios / Brian Hogue / Market Street Market
Zeitgeist Gallery / TreMonte Pizzeria
Mills42 Federal Credit Union/ Mill City Web Design

Marketing Terms and Conditions:
Advertising in our publication will not guarantee you a job. However, with 1000 premium copies x 2.5 pass along rate, your brand could be in the hands of over 2,500 potential clients. Any jobs where the client connects and hires you for a job is a great return on your marketing dollars. If we call from Christian Hill Studios and include your services in one of our marketing packages, either you the creative, or the client will be responsible for paying a 19% management fee (if applicable. Based entirely on contract with our client and will not apply to every job.) 

Every paid partner will receive 10 complimentary copies of the magazine. Non paying marketing clients can receive a complimentary copy or purchase up to 25 copies. The Best of Lowell Award Winners will all receive a complimentary copy and can purchase up to 25 copies for sale at their location. The rest of the copies will be directly delivered to businesses in Lowell, Chelmsford, Andovers, and some in Boston. 

Sales of advertising spots are final and non-refundable. Proofs will be sent to all represented members for approval and we are not responsible for ads that may contain any incorrect information after final approvals. We will however do our best to make sure THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN. 

In closing, a word to the design community... When you walk through the downtown, and you see a business that looks like it could use your services, it's because they do. It's our job now to transform Lowell and we plan on doing that by providing top level marketing services with the ability to meet any budget. We can't do it alone though. Every can design for Lowell. And we are always working on creative projects in the lab so you may get a call to come in. Your duty, as an agent of design justice could end up in collaborative projects that build economic growth. Together we can design a more beautiful future! 

Email Cam at with any questions or call at 978-697-2250. Our new downtown office allows us to meet at more convenient locations if needed. Thanks everyone!

Cam Preciado
Creative Director, Christian Hill Studios /

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For every $1,000 we will print a new batch of 2k rack cards.

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Finally, the 2014 Best of Lowell Awards were wrapped up with the delivery of every award and the official list for our upcoming Marketing Magazine. These awards were created to encourage businesses to take the extra steps to make their shop a better place because doing so will ultimately bring back our foot traffic. Others must follow, but for now, we salute these elite spots. Feel free to print and carry with you forever and ever!

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Reserve your spot here:

Payments made though
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Advertising Rates

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When we first saw this video a couple of years ago, as designers we knew we were entering a new era and had some time to establish the Design 4 Lowell Project as the premier one-stop marketing shop. Today, we feature over a dozen different marketing categories featuring incredibly talented, marketing-minded creatives and over the next couple of months, Design 4 Lowell will be an online platform, a print magazine, and housed at an undisclosed downtown location.

$1.5+ billion over the next few years will be invested in the city with hundreds of new commercial spaces set to open. And we will be ready...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Located at 122 Western Avenue Studios #318, Frank Casazza's imaginative designs have been seen in Belgium, Italy, China, the UK, and all over the US. Now, not only is he our close friend, but he is Lowell's Featured Designer, a long overdue recognition of one of Lowell's biggest names and most humble artists. We love working with him, talking to him, and sharing visions of a more beautiful future. See his work all over the Western Avenue Studios and most recently at Sweet Lydias at 160 Merrimack Street!

We are pushing Frank's designs for storefront posters, interior and outdoor murals, and websites. Hire him by connecting with him directly or you can email us at

See more of his work on social media!
Here is his blog:
On Facebook:
And Instagram:

Until next time...

-Design 4 Lowell

Sunday, March 2, 2014


With a winter storm watch until 12 pm on March 13th, we were proud of the people that did show up. We discussed upcoming projects and unveiled the 2015 Best of Lowell Award! Much thanks to The Owl Stamp Visual Solutions and to TreMonte Pizzeria at 44 Palmer Street for hosting the luncheon and providing us with free lunch. Awesome food and staff. Until next time...


The Smokehouse Tavern on 98 Middle Street is open at 5 pm in time for dinner!
It wasn't long after we delivered their 2014 Best of Lowell Award that Tim, owner of the Smokehouse Tavern hired Christian Hill Studios to lead his 2014 marketing efforts!

On the agenda is increasing his dinner time foot traffic. Our proposal is under full production with brand new photography and dinner time menus that should have a larger impact on sales for years to come!

First completed menu draft - 3-2-14
Below are recently submitted drafts! More to come from this sweet project. And the best part? We got to eat almost every plate of food:) The wings are amazing and the burger is has delicious, home-made blue cheese dressing that made me want to do a re-shoot just to get my hands on another one. Listen, they are on 98 Middle Street. Go there to eat. Go there to party. It's a great spot all around.

A an amazing burger deserves and amazing photo campaign!

Sunday, February 16, 2014


To see the smiling faces of most of our winners, click the link to see them on our new page (SEE THEIR SMILING FACES ON THIS NEW PAGE!!). Below are the winners, and our downtown's most beautiful locations: 

For your promo video, consulting, photography, web or other creative needs, please, email us at! Until then, enjoy the show, print our flyer, come visit Lowell and visit often. Our best can compete with the very best in any city. We guarantee it.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


For our first Designer of the Month of 2014, we chose legendary Mark Fisher, maker of Metal Men at the Western Avenue Studios and a designer now for over 30 years. This was our interview:

Mark, how did you become interested in becoming a graphic designer?
At a young age, I loved to draw. Later, while in college in Buffalo, NY I learned the trade of advertising, typography,  printing,  color theory, copy writing, and production.  Illustration though remained my main focus.  After graduating in 1972 I worked at an ad agency where I focused on commercial art working with airbrush and pen and ink. I continue working with those mediums and made the switch to computers in 1998. I have been doing it ever since. 

How did you end up in Lowell?
After New York, I moved to  Cambridge with my family in 1973 then Westford and then Lowell after falling in love with the city, the summer music series, and the real estate prices. I've been here for 15 years now. 

How do you view a lot of the design going up today?
Some is perplexing, but some is very intriguing. I came from older school methods where there was a lot of individuality. Today, design seems minimal, which is nice to some degree but a lot of stuff looks the same due to the internet and the sharing of ideas.  The variety of styles across the globe have become a lot more homogenized.

What were inspirations for your design?
Well, I do a lot of comic book style illustrations, but I don't read them. I try not to be influenced by other people's stuff. I look at the work of other designers of course, but leave it at that. What I did in the 70's looks like the stuff I am doing now, because I retained my own individual style. However, if I had to pick an influence it would be the work of the first 40 years of the 20th century. Growing up in the 50's, I was in love with machinery, electronics, science fiction, old toys, and of course art deco. I call my style Retro Pop. 

What would you like to see more of in Lowell from a designer's view?
I would love to see exactly what Design 4 Lowell is trying to promote: better graphics, better signage, and overall, a better visual experience, particularly with the businesses. 

What is stopping that from happening?
Well I think that a lot of don't realize the importance of these elements. A lot of artists also don't know how to properly interact with the business community and vice versa. Schools are not doing a good enough job of teaching these fundamentals. Some businesses seem to lack the knowledge that great marketing can truly separate them from the competition to entice more customers. 

What are your favorite fonts to use for your designs?
I love condensed, sans serifs fonts. I use a lot of News Gothic, Futura, but mostly I use custom lettering! I will take a type face and play with it in Illustrator. I like playing with lines:) (Quote of the day!!)

What design projects do you have coming up?
I have to design the interior of a diner in Framingham, Right now carpenters are building the pieces. I've already finished a lot of the illustrations. I just finished some Illustrations for the The Baffler from MIT Press. I've also been talking about doing some graphics for an e-book lecture series. I would like to have more local clients though. 

Any advice for the up and coming design talent looking to do this long-term?
Be open to take on any project where you can apply your creativity because you never what it can lead to. I had a job designing a shadow box, which was seen by a designer who asked me to design his entire office in this retro pop style. That led to a diner asking me to work on their entire interior (The Deluxe Station Diner in Newton Centre.) Find your unique voice and don't give anything away. Always get something in return for your work, because your time is valuable. Pro bono and charity work is ok. But if a business just offers you exposure for your work, remember that you can die from exposure. 

To see his work, visit or stop by his studio at 122 Western Avenue Studios (#412) during open studios on the first Saturday of every month from 12-5 pm. Thanks Mark! You have inspired many and we look forward to working with you! Until next time Lowell... 

Monday, December 30, 2013


Handing out the Best of Lowell Awards was worth all the work and money invested in the project over the last year. Each time we hit the road it takes a lot, from parking, walking, spending 20-45 minutes with each of you, wondering how each winner is going to accept their award. Still, it's been awesome seeing the reception for this project and we are excited to deliver the remaining awards in 2014! Congratulations Lowell's best.

Friday, December 13, 2013


Every now and then you run into a prodigy, a true talent who's skills spread out across media platforms. Ross Maq's gorgeous graphics have been used by dj's, clubs, shops, and distinguished individuals from here to Miami. And we had been following his work on Instagram as one of his 2,045 humble followers, not knowing this whole time that the richly designed works came from within the mighty walls of our city! It took us literally less than 4.5 minutes to connect with him once we discovered (thanks to Dj Lus) that he would be Lowell's new designer of the month

Ross' skills as a graphic designer are equally balanced by his skills as a hip hop recording artist, producer, and local celeb:) We brought in Ross in to Christian Hill Studios for our first meeting, and he is as humble as he is talented. We shared with him our vision for Design 4 Lowell, the Best of Lowell Awards, and the future, according to us. His enthusiasm for our work and his future involvement in the project resulted in an immediate friendship and partnership that we are eagerly looking to develop. And no, he is not for hire. His bookings are weeks deep, as is his 12 hour a day work load, so if you really want his skills, it may have to be by super special request.

His music can be found at or on iTunes and Soundcloud. Follow him on Instagram @RossMaq but don't be overwhelmed by his 4,212 posts. For his music videos on YouTube, go HERE. Until next time Lowell...

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Framed copy outside our Western Ave Studio office
Lowell, MA - Lyle Moran of the Lowell Sun contacted us on the morning of November 29th to discuss the work we have been doing. This came after an initial meeting we had back in May earlier this year. This time, he had seen everything we had been working on by following @Design4Lowell on social media (Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook.)

He had 10 questions, and we had about 30-50 answers:) The title "Designing the Future of Lowell Businesses" perfectly captured our mission and the content of the story caught the attention of the Lowell Historic Board. "I've heard from business owners and building owners downtown that public enemy number one is the Lowell Historic Board" read one of the quotes from the interview. This we told them, was a reflection of research done over the course of the past year. Our main issues were concerning the awning and signage rules set in place as well as poor preservation of public advertising spaces that once decorated the beautiful walls of our mills and other edifices. We hope to work with the Historic Board on bringing more public art, new design codes, and other projects that are still classified.

So thank you Lyle and the Lowell Sun. Your journalism just got a jump start based on some of the emails we received. We also aim to work with your advertising clients to encourage them to use local designers to design their ads in your publication as opposed to sending those jobs to India. But more on that in 2014. Until then...

Read the interview HERE!

Camilo Preciado and Markus Haala posed for the money shot!
A quick cover shot
On the set with Sun photographer (and now in our Creative Directory) David H. Brow